New playable characters?

2021.11.28 19:50 THE_WinterSoldier67 New playable characters?

Hi all! I'm super new to this game. I'm just wondering how often admins introduce new playable characters/heroes to the game (especially UR and SSR).
I'm thinking of hoarding my resources until I find a hero I REALLY want to invest in. There are already some great hereos on my team, but since there are so little characters (compared to other games) I'm curious how long it will take for new additions. Thanks in advance!
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2021.11.28 19:50 RedditAtRyan did desert rose 2 just die?

yeah fallout servers are kinda wack but desert rose is the one i get the best connection to, i lost connection, now it literally isn’t on the list on byond. i am confusion
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2021.11.28 19:50 CSPT_NBAHighlights [Highlight] Steph Curry hits a step back triple over 2 defenders and then mocks the ref for giving him a T earlier.

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2021.11.28 19:50 stariyibolnoy Только хотел написать, что херовый ауди внежорожник... как вдруг... правда после такого лучше идти за новой ауди, а эту продать как не битую.

Только хотел написать, что херовый ауди внежорожник... как вдруг... правда после такого лучше идти за новой ауди, а эту продать как не битую. submitted by stariyibolnoy to Pikabu [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 19:50 SignificantViolinist What's your strategy when shopping for appliances?

I'll be updating a few kitchen appliances soon, and I'm feeling really overwhelmed, not just because of selection, but also because it's hard to trust most online sources.
If you do a general search for recommendations, you just end up with a bunch of thrown-together-looking affiliate marketing list sites, with titles like "7 best dishwashers in 2021" (I bet it even auto-updates the title to the current year haha)...
So... Where do you look? YouTube reviews where the person does deep demos? Some official review site that has a reputation of being impartial to maintain?
What's the approach?
I'm thinking, (1) Find the brand whose philosophy aligns with mine (rugged, works really well, minimal superfluous features like mobile apps), and then (2) pick something from their line that's the right fit... But I don't know how to reliably go about step 1
Help? ¯_(ツ)_/¯
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2021.11.28 19:50 CSPT_NBAHighlights [Highlight] Steph drops his 3rd straight 3 over 3 Clippers them mocks the refs by making a technical foul celebration

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2021.11.28 19:50 questionzerozx Lacking Inspiration to Finish Tracks? Read On To Find Tips & Advice for Trance Production

Producing music is one of the most exciting and fun parts of being a producer. You have endless options and the potential to create something new. Once you have a general idea, how do you proceed?
It can be difficult and frustrating to take a melody or 8-bar loop and turn it into a professionally produced song. This guide will show you how to speed up the process and produce songs quicker. You can create a complete track using a simple melody, drum pattern, chords, or even a few produced sections.
It can be challenging to grasp this technique. Horizontal production means that you work left to the right within your DAW. Your song's horizontal arrangement is what creates the structure and songwriting. For example, looking at a finished piece left to right may have a structure like Intro-Verse-PreChorus-Chorus-Verse, etc.
If we look at a song from top to bottom, or "vertically," we can see the instrumentation and layers in each section. These elements can include Melody Layer 1, Melody Layer 2, Arp, and Drums Percussion Sub Bass, among others.
This is where you should first flesh out the arrangement and structure for the song before getting too involved in the instrumentation and layering (or producing vertically). It's like building a house from a wooden frame before adding furniture to it. Creating a skeletal version first makes it more accessible. This eliminates all guesswork. It eliminates the need to guess what happens after the first drop. This also helps improve workflow. This method makes it easier to produce because you fill in the gaps rather than figure out what the next section is.
How should the skeletal version be stripped down? It all depends on the producer. My chord structure I prefer to be laid out first. This is often the main focus of my music and the element that I work with the most. Every chord progression will be laid out using a simple synth sound or a piano. To make it feel more alive, I may also add a simple drum beat to the track. This forces me to determine where each section begins and ends. You can eliminate guesswork from your production. The blueprint is what you use to create music.
If your music is more about drums and bass, you can use these elements to build your track skeleton. This approach focuses on building the framework to support your song before moving onto 'vertical' elements such as mixing, layering, and sound design. You will be able to finish songs quicker if you get the basics right before getting into the fine details.
It can help you arrange and structure your songs by producing horizontally first before vertically. This allows you to think about how these elements will work in your music. Newer producers, for example, don't pay much attention to the structure of songs. As they move from one section of the song to the next, they often develop naturally. This can lead to music that is choppy or shortsighted. It can make a massive difference in the quality of your arrangement as well as the time it takes to complete songs.
Many producers start by producing a full intro and chorus. After that, they become stuck. Hearing a finished section being followed by an unfinished one is part of this. A new section may feel flat or lose its energy.
This is frustrating because the sections don't flow together naturally until they are finished. This is also why we can't move past an 8- or 16-bar loop.
Also, if we only produce one section at a given time, it can lead to losing sight of the original idea that made them unique. A finished intro might not be as special after you have listened to it 500 times and worked out the arrangement. You might become less sensitive to an idea you thought was great after hearing it many times.
After producing the first great section, you need to avoid over-producing. You can add unnecessary elements to your song if you don't do the rest of it well enough. Over-producing refers to adding too many features into a song. This can lead to your song sounding too busy, cluttered or cause it to lose its direction and focus.
To avoid producing too much, you can streamline your production process. Try to do more work in a shorter time. This will ensure that your original material feels fresh even after you have finished production. It is also a great way of ensuring your workflow runs smoothly by producing horizontally first before you produce vertically.
Many producers struggle to decide which elements are best for a specific section of music. It is possible to ask questions such as "Are these chords better in the verse than the chorus?". As you gain experience, your decision-making skills will improve. If you are unsure, think about the artists you admire. You can use their music to help you improve your music. Use elements from the songs you like as a starting point for your productions.
You can find out the chords used by other musicians. Listen to a song you like, and then use a keyboard to determine the chords' root notes. From there, you can build your chords. It is also possible to draw diagrams of the drum patterns that change from one section to another. You can also listen to how the FX and drum fill help to transition between sections.
The song structure is the same. To use another artist's song as a guide, you can add it to your DAW. Label each section of the arrangement, for example. This is not "stealing." It is simply learning common song structures. It is essential to be familiar with the basic principles and nuances of any music you enjoy. These elements can be used to help you decide how your music should sound. It's okay to use music from other artists as a tool.
These are 5 quick and easy tips that will help you stay motivated and productive while producing music.
After an 8-hour session in a studio, our ears become tired and fatigued. You should take 20-30 minute breaks every 2 hours. You can also take longer breaks from a song. You can take a break from the song for a day, a week, or more. You'll be able to see details you missed before you return to the song. You can also take breaks to help you reset and get back on track.
When you work under deadlines, your productivity and motivation increase dramatically. We are used to having other people set deadlines for our work. You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish if you establish deadlines and follow them.
If I feel tired or lacking in ideas, I will watch videos of other musicians performing or producing music. When I see other producers create something from nothing, it puts me in a new space where I can say, "Hey! You can do it too!"
You can stop focusing on one song and make progress elsewhere if you are working on another. Producing music is not the only part of it. There are many other aspects to creating music. Sound design is one example. Many producers have sound design sessions dedicated to sound design but don't actually work on any tracks. Instead, they create new sounds for future projects. These new sounds could even be the inspiration for new songs. You can also go sample hunting. Bad sample selection is one of the biggest problems I see in novice producers. There is no reason why every producer should have the same sample selections. It is as simple as taking the time to search for them. Use your Splice account!
If you don't begin songs, you can't finish them. Making music is hard enough without convincing yourself to get down on your feet and start working. Many times I have felt like giving up on writing a song. Or, I will sit down and open my DAW. Then, I'll listen once more, then close it. Make a deal with yourself when you feel unmotivated. You could say to yourself, "If you work on a track for 30 mins, you can stop." My experience is that once I force myself to work for 30 minutes, any feelings I had about not wanting to work are gone. If that doesn't happen, then at least you have 30 minutes of work.
Making choices are the key to making progress and finishing music. You can be more confident and informed about your choices and make things happen faster. Go out and finish your songs!
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2021.11.28 19:50 WorkZupa Estava distraído vendo o Domingão do Huck e de repente aparece o Robson Nunes no quadro “Show dos Famosos” interpretando o Mano Brown dos Racionais MC´s. Cacete o que foi aquilo? Superou até o próprio Brown! Melhor que a performance foi o discurso sobre o racismo. Me surpreendeu!

Estava distraído vendo o Domingão do Huck e de repente aparece o Robson Nunes no quadro “Show dos Famosos” interpretando o Mano Brown dos Racionais MC´s. Cacete o que foi aquilo? Superou até o próprio Brown! Melhor que a performance foi o discurso sobre o racismo. Me surpreendeu! submitted by WorkZupa to brasil [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 19:50 VanTilla Dahm

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2021.11.28 19:50 WannaGoSkamtebords /uj could someone please identify this neck for me, it's neither harley benton nor yamaha

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2021.11.28 19:50 sirwoodchk [WTB] Safariland QLS fork (CO)

Looking for a QLS fork, FDE preferred but doesn't matter. Don't need mounting hardware. $10
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2021.11.28 19:50 dasfoo The best small movies of 2021-ish (so far)

Even in spaces that define themselves as "intellectual," online movie talk tends to focus on the big, mainstream releases. I thought I might try here in this new forum to periodically shine some light on what, to me, are more interesting films to experience and think about -- the ones that are frequently overlooked or never exposed to wider audiences.
I gravitate towards movies that surprise me, that feel personally important to the filmmakers, and that mix dissonant tones in interesting and effective ways. These aren't usually qualities found in the larger movie franchises!
There are a lot of interesting 2021 releases I've yet to see, so this list is by no means exhaustive, and, hopefully, I'll see another 10-20 new movies of this caliber over the next couple of months.
My favorite movie of 2021 by some margin so far is the off-beat Danish thriller Riders of Justice (Dir.: Anders Thomas Jensen), which stars the great Mads Mikkelsen (TV's Hannibal Lecter and the eye-bleeding James Bond villain from Casino Royale). An unlikely mix of violent action, heartfelt family drama, outsider character comedy, and, ultimately, holiday spirit. A dark and yet uplifting examination of living with trauma. This has been recently available on Hulu.
Fans of westerns should be sure to catch the gorgeous, intimate Old Henry (Dir.: Potsy Ponciroli), starring familiar character actor Tim Blake Nelson in a rare leading role. Although smaller in scale, Old Henry captures the same rueful atmosphere of Unforgiven and the Coen Brothers' remake of True Grit. Solid all around, and one of the most beautifully shot movies of the year.
The Green Knight (Dir.: David Lowery) got a mainstream theatrical release earlier this year and surely disappointed audiences who expected some sort of crowd-pleasing sword-heavy action fantasy. This, instead, is a visually rich and deliberately obscure philosophical take on a 14th-century Arthurian poem from the visionary filmmaker behind 2017's A Ghost Story. Is it satisfying? It is handicapped by a necessarily feckless lead character, but you're unlikely to see much else like it, and it lingers powerfully.
Watching movies doesn't have to be all dark and ponderous. Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar (Dir.: Josh Greenbaum) is a ridiculous comedy from some of the team behind 2011's Bridesmaids. Starring Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo, Barb and Star has a similar absurdist comic energy to silly joke-a-minute classics like Anchorman. I was worried that the two lead performances, with their mocking midwestern shtick, might be grating after more than a few minutes, but instead found them infectious and actually kind of heartwarming.
Speaking of heartwarming, how about Psycho Goreman (Dir.: Steven Kostanski), a gory fantasy comedy about three kids who gain command of a vengeful demon? There's no avoiding that this low-budget project is rough around the edges, and not all of the performances are as professional as one might hope, but this chaotic spirit of it is undeniable, and its Gwar-style creature effects are a constant source of delight and hilarity.
Shiva Baby (Dir.: Emma Seligman) is a well-realized pre-life crisis comedy, depicting one anxious afternoon in the life of a young woman whose grasp on her present and future is fleeting. I guess this genre is now called cringe-comedy, exploring the mordant humor of self-destruction and misfortune, and this stressful, witty script is as good an example of it as any.

Other notables:
The Dry (Dir.: Robert Connolly) All My Friends Are Dead (Dir.: Jan Belcl) The Empty Man (Dir.: David Prior) The Beta Test (Dir.: Jim Cummings, PJ McCabe)
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2021.11.28 19:50 flamethrower451 how do I get an image plane to render in maya? (sorry I'm pretty new)

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2021.11.28 19:50 NanoHyuk Arcane foi a melhor produção de 2021. Olha só essa playlist. Não tem outra trilha sonora que se iguale.
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2021.11.28 19:50 madanmudw 🌕 NEURONET 🌕 This month's most anticipated token! | Expected 100x from pre-sale | The crypto industry of the next generation is already here | Only Now 15% Bonus | Listing on the largest exchange | We already have more than 5000 participants !!! | Presale is open until November 30th.

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NEURONET - crypto industry of the future!

Revolutionary solutions!

NEURONET - crypto industry of the future!
Revolutionary solutions!
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2021.11.28 19:50 pewpewlaza1 Canada mental health

I’ll try to make this is quick as possible. I have been employed for 2.5 years at a large company in Canada.
There are a lot of things that have changed from start of employment until now for the worse.
I have been suicidal and suffering from mental health issues for the last year and a half. My employer is fully aware and my supervisor has been accommodating me in small ways over that time.
Fast forward to review time which is linked to a potential bonus in the upcoming months I scored high on the scale except for two categories I was rated the lowest you possibly can communication and teamwork.
The rating they gave me was in accurate at best. I told them I wouldn’t sign it and wanted to ask why see why they rated me so low.
Turns out they rated me so low because during downtime I was using my phone.
Backstory: I work in production and produce more on my shift than any other shift, I am not rude, I have a PMA, I show up on time and have not exceeded sick time at all. So I’m a good worker who suffers from depression.
I have been using my phone during the down time in my room which can be an hour to sometimes two hours. There is nothing to do I work in a clean lab and I also cannot leave the room and do other things in the facility because of the equipment needs to be monitored.
My supervisors approved me being able to use my phone and take longer breaks as long as my production quality and safety didn’t change. Fast forward two months ago a no cell phone policy was introduced and my supervisors told me and approved me being able to use my phone instead of being stuck in a small room with no windows with my thoughts for hours at a time .
Fast forward to discussion about review and me getting a low rating. My supervisors told me it was because I had records of discussions for being on my phone. When I asked about what about our earlier discussions and they told me it didn’t matter and if I went to management it wouldn’t go well . That they would show HR me taking longer breaks and being on my phone and get me fired.
Now I’m even more depressed and full of suicidal ideations and wondering what duty does my employer have to accommodate my mental health situation and what determines undue hardship? I am aloud to read a book on my downtime they just don’t want me to use my phone. Taking away my accommodations has shit on my mental health and I don’t feeel good or safe being here always on edge sitting with my thoughts .
There is more that they have done like removing an internal application after I applied, the reason they didn’t want to interview me was because of a new job requirement that was made immediately after I applied. The job requirement was not in the initial job posting . After removing my application I was forced to write a letter outlining how I qualified which was me just reposting facts from my resume and cover letter which they admitted to not reading .
Love From a human
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2021.11.28 19:50 CheetahSperm18 Jean

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2021.11.28 19:50 loopymon [WP] Humans had it backwards. The trick to time travel wasn’t moving faster than the speed of light, but moving slower than stationary. You learn this accidentally one day while waiting in line at the theme park.

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2021.11.28 19:50 charlie41641 Toss a coin to your witcher !

(21) Witchercoin (
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2021.11.28 19:50 Substantial_Fly_1723 006b - Bitcoin (BTC) - Prediction playing out. Are we out of the woods? OTTR. BDW

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2021.11.28 19:50 Willfckevrytnif My ex cheated on me while I was pregnant

My ex cheated on me while I was 8 and 9th pregnant, two of them being trans escorts and the other being a random woman he gave a uber ride too and accompanied to her hotel room for an extra tip (sarcasm) I found out about a week ago. I don’t know I’ve already posted about it. I guess it’s just hard not having anyone to talk too.
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2021.11.28 19:50 That_Pumpkin9566 I feel sick

Just relapsed again and I practically forced myself a orgasm I feel really bad right now I wasn’t even turned on by the porn. And if your wondering how I forced a orgasm I basically rubbed the head of my penis. Which I’m pretty sure damaged it. So yeah I feel mentally sick 😌
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2021.11.28 19:50 generous-healer What do you fear to be true about yourself?

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2021.11.28 19:50 Moist-Paramedic4654 Hola soy de Oaxaca, creé un mod sobre Tlayudas en Minecraft. Espero les guste, si pudieran suscribirse también se los agradecería mucho, pero es opcional. Gracias :)

Hola soy de Oaxaca, creé un mod sobre Tlayudas en Minecraft. Espero les guste, si pudieran suscribirse también se los agradecería mucho, pero es opcional. Gracias :) submitted by Moist-Paramedic4654 to Oaxaca [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 19:50 DrKelsoMD Santa's Visit 10293: has anyone figured out how to put this set on a baseplate?

The angles make it really difficult
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