r/196 made me lose :(

2021.11.28 20:34 LeopardHalit r/196 made me lose :(

Ight new game start soon
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2021.11.28 20:34 Live_Shake7887 Hanni‘s Night City

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2021.11.28 20:34 Abject_Candle_4438 NEW GIVEAWAY!!! First 3 people to guess my 3 numbers between 1-100 gets 1 pele and Maradona, you have 1 guess gl (hint at 50 comments)

NEW GIVEAWAY!!! First 3 people to guess my 3 numbers between 1-100 gets 1 pele and Maradona, you have 1 guess gl (hint at 50 comments) submitted by Abject_Candle_4438 to MADFUT [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 20:34 Capital_GL (Serious) How did you manage to beat an evil/greedy corporation?

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2021.11.28 20:34 Ok-Hurry179 Kind of coming out? First time saying it out loud

Today I mentioned to my boyfriend that I was questioning whether or not I was bisexual. Based on everything and sitting with myself for awhile, I am leaning towards thinking I am bisexual/hetero-romantic. He was supportive and told me I can experiment with a girl! After talking for a bit he asked “What is it about girls that you like that aren’t in guys?” Which I thought was a great question as I hadn’t really thought about it myself. My first go to answer was “Boobs” and he said laughed and agreed with me. Overall it was a small, happy moment where I felt that I was actually able to talk freely for a second.
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2021.11.28 20:34 bakuretsu-san Need help on hop up bucking

I'm building a 5.1 hi capa and was wondering if I should use a 60 or 70 degree maple leaf autobot bucking. I use an HPA tap and chrono at 345-350 fps. Also any recommendations on hopup unit would be greatly appreciated.
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2021.11.28 20:34 ArniPL05 Telegram

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2021.11.28 20:34 IcyDemon2717 Pls Stream Question

How long do you have to stream for before your stream streak rises? Currently, I've been streaming for over an hour and I have 0 XP and no stream streak.
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2021.11.28 20:34 rvthmdotorg Hey guys. I sent this HNT to this address on GATE.IO over a week ago. I see it’s been deposited through explorer but hasn’t popped up in my gate.io wallet. Support keeps stalling, any ideas what I can do here?

Hey guys. I sent this HNT to this address on GATE.IO over a week ago. I see it’s been deposited through explorer but hasn’t popped up in my gate.io wallet. Support keeps stalling, any ideas what I can do here? submitted by rvthmdotorg to HeliumNetwork [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 20:34 MetalBlack0427 Funding For Meta Runner Season 3 Confirmed By ScreenAustralia! Here a bit of what they had to say about the Season.

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2021.11.28 20:34 BADxW0LF1 What part of the holidays do you refuse to let your SO do without your supervision cause they will screw it up?

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2021.11.28 20:34 Appropriate_Memory [FS22] Harrow/cultivator seeder combo won't plant anything on a freshly harvested field.

I shouldn't need to separately cultivate/power harrow a field if the seeders already got one attached, right? I feel like I'm missing something here. Also it's not time to plow the field yet. Thanks in advance.
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2021.11.28 20:34 CooLBeanZy Discord Server - 15+

People of Reddit!
Welcome to the Garden of Eden. We the people of Eden are always looking for more cool people to join! Everyone from everywhere, anyone from anywhere, whatever the weather we want YOU to join! So what is stopping you?
What to expect: -Active voice chat and message channels -plenty of cool people to talk to -An accepting and kind community -A home away from home -Giveaways, movie, and game night
Only 15+ people can join for safety reasons.
Message for the link!
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2021.11.28 20:34 AarioBB ✴️✴️ EvaGrow News Issue #2 ✴️✴️

(This information is also found on TikTok at https://vm.tiktok.com/ZM8ts6bNU/ and on YouTube https://youtu.be/OeX-gu8uqcc )
✳️ This week will be moving fast. There will be many updates to come. Some of this was covered in the AMA. Recent announcements are:
➡️ Taxes are being raised to 15% effective on the 28th of November. This breaks down to:

⭐️ 10% Rewards
⭐️ 2% Liquidity
⭐️ 2% Marketing
⭐️ 1% Buyback
This allows for build-up of Rewards for distribution. Saturday is when Rewards will start being sent out again.
➡️ An “Update Share” button will be added to the dashboard at https://www.evagrow.app/ prior to Saturday. Each and every holder, new and present, will need to visit the page and complete the Update Share process prior to receiving Rewards. The Update Share process is a ONE TIME procedure. This is due to a new distribution contract being utilized in conjunction of our current contract.
➡️ Dave Moon has been promoted to Admin/Mod on Telegram. Dave is already an active contributor on Twitter (@Dmoon45011), and has been very helpful in Telegram.
✳️ Other highlights from the AMA and updated information involving them:
➡️ Marketing and promotion will start this week. We are upping our presence on all social media sites, looking into Google Ads, cross-platform funnels and more.
➡️ Updated Whitepaper to be released this week
➡️ New Website with Web3 functionality which allows for web-based blockchain interaction.
➡️ Governance will be added to the new website. This will allow holders of EVA to help mold the future of EvaGrow.
➡️ NFT Game development will begin in a few weeks. Potential games include EvaTrivia, Dyson Hunt, and Jackpot. Game document will be revealed soon.
➡️ Shlling to start up again after Saturday. We need to help get the word out after Rewards are back up and working.
✳️ New AMA to be held on Saturday, December 4th. Time to be announced sometime this week.
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2021.11.28 20:34 douglasewelch A Tall Christmas Tree

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2021.11.28 20:34 Legitimate_Bug2117 One piece Ancient weapons (spoilers)

Anyone else with the impression that momonosuke is the third ancient weapon pluton with the massive destructive force? Since he is like kaidou now im pretty sure he can shoot wororo breaths like kaidou
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2021.11.28 20:34 AudensAvidius Attack of the Jones

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2021.11.28 20:34 fj300 Mods afk

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2021.11.28 20:34 LuckyFennel6080 🐶 Kenpachi Floki 🐶 Just Launched | 7% BUSD rewards | Huge Marketing | Your New 100X | InterFi Audite | Team Kyced| Trusted Team 🛡

Kenpachi Floki it's time for KENPACHI to show it's dominance on the FLOKI world.
Contract: 0x2b2c9889de61fe65ed3fffbbba6b9d588ad1e97c
📢 Marketing Up to 100k$ in marketing budget so we will take care of marketing and make sure we will have enough buying pressure to coverup our launch
🔒 Safety KENPACHI FLOKI official contract is audited by the InterFi team and more audits will come soon
🧁 Rewards Each of us has to feel like a Part of the KENPACHI FLOKI Family and makes money sitting in front of the TV just holding his tokens! Each of us will have the same opportunity! up reward will be distributed to all holders
💵 Buyback A nice sum of money accumulates for buyback and will be used to avoid major dumps
7% BUSD Redistributed To Holders
1% To Liquidity Pool
1% To Marketing
1% To BuyBack
Contract address: 0x2b2c9889de61fe65ed3fffbbba6b9d588ad1e97c
BUY HERE: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x2b2c9889de61fe65ed3fffbbba6b9d588ad1e97c
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x2b2c9889de61fe65ed3fffbbba6b9d588ad1e97c#readContract
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x1DdCb252D600EFbf843f3D1c47ec2a978ec5FC63
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2021.11.28 20:34 Tayo826 Wabash Cannonball Get Ready Mashup

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2021.11.28 20:34 thepixelmurderer Trailers and descriptions for a ton of great indies on sale for Black Friday this year!

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2021.11.28 20:34 ShallahGaykwon The Union 'invading' the confederacy is imperialism

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2021.11.28 20:34 robwoprod Upgrading from GP6 to 7.6 worth it?

I bought GP when 6 was pretty new and have used it a ton. The RSE is decent but I mainly liked the smaller new features 6 had over 5 like better bends/slides/legato and being able to split the drum notation to make polyrythms easier. That being said, is the upgrade to 7 from 6 worth it? I can't really find any new features beyond "my songbook" and more web integration, which I don't care about. Are there any must have features I'm missing out on by sticking with 6?
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2021.11.28 20:34 National_Worth_8305 Is the promotional gift card only limited to Best Buy purchases?

I was on the website since I wanted to get the oculus quest 2, and it says it comes with a free $50 promotional Best Buy e-gift card. I kept looking for more info but I can’t seem too find out whether this gift card is only strictly allowed to be used at BB or if I can use it outside of BB too. It’s my first time ordering online and I’ve never had a Best Buy e-gift card before, so I just wanted to know more about it. Any help is appreciated.
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2021.11.28 20:34 EestiMentioned [/r/MarsWallStreet] Centaurify - ⚡ Launching Now on BSC

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