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First episodes not showing up in season

2021.11.28 21:28 NoiseTankJGR First episodes not showing up in season

Hey, for some reason the first 7 episodes of the second season of this show aren't showing up. Below are the screen shots of the folder the files are in (naming looks correct) and what appears on the page for it in Plex. Any ideas?


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2021.11.28 21:28 llRedNovall Asexual rights, Pass it on<3

Asexual rights, Pass it on<3
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2021.11.28 21:28 HoneyBee140 W/F need a date for two upcoming EDM shows!

Looking for a last minute date for 2 upcoming EDM shows: TokiMonsta, Friday, Dec. 3, and Champagne Drip on Saturday, Dec. 4.
Can be a friend date or a romantic date. I’m open to the possibilities!
DM me if you’re interested in a possible romantic date. I’ll tell you more about myself and verify on Snap. (I’m real cute.)
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2021.11.28 21:28 A_litteral_potato2 The more you know (empty version on the next page)

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2021.11.28 21:28 c3gamre3981 [META] who is bigger asshole on the internet

who is the bigger asshole here in this converastion discussion https://www.reddit.com/gamingsuggestions/comments/r436m3/comment/hme9sbj/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=web2x&context=3
kinda like that asshole subbreddit on the internet
instead of if someone is asshoel cos thats no fun, this is who is the bigger asshole, you get points for being big asshole
you decide, my brain is too fry like a pancaked to read any of this shit on the internet
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2021.11.28 21:28 ifallforeveryone “This person said with so much access to birth control and abortions, it wasn’t his fault other people choose to “breed.” - an antinatalist in the Wild.

“This person said with so much access to birth control and abortions, it wasn’t his fault other people choose to “breed.” - an antinatalist in the Wild. submitted by ifallforeveryone to antinatalism [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 21:28 CanadaIsWeird nicotine

does youth probation test for nicotine? going on probation soon and can’t stop using nicotine and i’m wondering if i’m screwed or not
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2021.11.28 21:28 butterjack Realized she got tricked into wearing a costume . #CatsOfTwitter #cute

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2021.11.28 21:28 ChunkyArsenio Canada releases strategic stockpile of maple syrup

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2021.11.28 21:28 Hades1701 Just a couple pics of Apollo..

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2021.11.28 21:28 Comprehensive-Lake41 Made Venue Data

This is the data I made for my own use. It’s not perfect I’m sure, but it hits the highlights.
H4sIAAAAAAAAA51Z227bOBD99T4sEDmWYyG+iaRkuYt9cFw37SZBDDtAX0q2/7FfsjOH8kV DypaKwEmcREdzOefMUHF/u8Ql9rMd2KUt6POE3g/w/qubuwf6SJxyxq3+++uT0/bO7ugHpcvch F5zN6svuccludV2YQfun5//ujOwbsB+uLFLCefdKvq8JvDUzegvL3EKviZAqRo4e9z/HlcbQpk3EB QnIxBU4/ofdOXUDSiP1K0okgOhJG5IqIWbdohm2UD7Rt9xRUb0tSI0Lp4KkDTHIJCWthRl59oO KCoqOyHtCckQ0oxiSzpU29hVA29tP+yIXtcyzOmaMDItKvZMEWVECM5sRfGVhOnzngRosbjyB trW6VM8czDhM71PqaMyy5yuDXvZRDuy6s0+0+sOsSZcsw55mijSAdEsCMPzg/tA0dJ3G8q4oL ++xZGl4MgZ+Z6uH7lRC1YViVEJ9h+xvpMWmSmadQDsBfpjoNXNSR1p4w6GORdEq0W3UyA 94D57ej2xytwS99mw9nFvxvdOcL4fRdSh7rlg/hOhMCc81jOMZ4i8uvSwWZ83+mvm5pRi02580 7eKSEXyiHPNCTFBbbl7b4zgHntnvhTs/WJndmNntR9OvcI64Zgg602PrONdWQpMr1Fd9+Xgcm JsAk717VIpRsyzm/gKnrp+nVeSxzHV5eIerNsVuxRcOUF9devkicet2M8EU33eS/jf4xUnjFW42f0 n+vAO3Y9FZYu/rFFVZtEQfE07YBnh9a/UY03vMtTtO/WI+5IRxvU5YiJercVE2mGOzAgzI7fyc9P cmMEcdRVBDlcWVXv0uZJ39HuapPTu7OxJpwoXES1gDqPCK3hi0kmpufCnDceCCi/oa0IK4Mi 2mDbsuaueDC1atqxdra+krkt/PyjkPnGKiv0vdRWzQmxf8ZltRLc+sNkYoI2ZsVA0xTVQruXM+t TAkWv5GuDnWXZlBp931Ttahri+0suVnLkusWsKDpI8zXijxkDq1qbBkpnNbvfuzlGlqR9Y1rOB7x V+Sceje44qZt3lcGAU4MqsGNPMB/SqB+Em2DZssv8AAuOu+9D72nQ5pJyr+Faj1CTVb0pzv 1+fZMTWmBxf7yK1eXxyA+1LsEVQhLfTkLd43DDlH2lxMuOaPGleIOWTUlU5zEbrp1t5TMiZb7y Eis2+GLFKwWRFI4vi55GVwmJn5fqAlaqegy9XOT2DDEnqH7mF+ue0RmBuAVtmdbDq0h5gLS KZvlBWd6fVrHuXVSCZzzIKjvFUWTM1YKEZyS66bGfooJl9EAto1So/TG+tnx1JN9CVO4JkjR1V A2ZOm1vcS0XLFnTSC38gRN1y2Dc93+wuF+ivlOVhugK64sOdPX6cSu6QoyBQ33Ab1sj4xixSJ 4wMEanNai7NpsRfXH+kHPmAnezwCA2QA8HcowhOsg0I3svruoKYyyIL64HX7lBT0druuTxSO cLac322OGeFne9SG9ZTVrnttMMbZFR+M7zRc0IoZlwvnuu7PDYyVVON9imD9Z2wHCbZxKfh QpFqkfAzwFXP6gVrLEn1AhO2CbbPOJlVe0AyWaduQiZ/amxG+UQR+x1QUncKm1UdmlYjqm PELnhtmOPny0xduu6/jY0t3YvIoWhruu7TAPXRvk6rk04UTMafo07DFAuU+FXtaqcQG9AKx8Pm lqJ9AxSpbRSStg2UlYWPgCH9dmMMvrjXu8Fu7pZVWERsk8jmv367PTzB2WLIeO/T+Asd9QqZ 9uGOCWh2H2Zq4OKRsJ1gVx5Hndv5ELNkeMigXxrg98oTwlDefPxhycbPd+vgJZYBemSvcibG9 DDqT1WNrTexUtRtl0P3tIRpfdXf+tHTj9JRHfEPLRZdOji923XNQFS0OGf9/QFv9wzrN6qflCuckx prUOj7neOeSWt2Xp8gu92t4HDEdPsZnxq7/Nfgf06Dv5UcaAAA=
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2021.11.28 21:28 shouldbh Published: Happy Valley just horse racing tips Hong Kong

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2021.11.28 21:28 weeb_destroyer2378 Could you please explain to me how I got banned?

So i was watching HasanAbi and I said something stupid in the chat. I didn’t know that you can’t talk about these kind of things. After some time I went on ludwigs stream, I wrote that I got banned in hasans chat and after that I immediately got banned there too.
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2021.11.28 21:28 wendysfan2005 I believe Paul McCartney was replaced AMA

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2021.11.28 21:28 iiEmotional_cooxie lets play a game . find the characters in n tell me how many u found

lets play a game . find the characters in n tell me how many u found submitted by iiEmotional_cooxie to Cookierun [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 21:28 Heroes_Die_Young Where to find craft costs and locations?

I'm new to using CraftOfExile to work out crafts, but I'm struggling with the costs and locations of those crafts. The running cost display in COE doesn't seem to include the costs of any bench crafts you use, I can't see where that value is even given anywhere.
What the "compendium" resource to finding craft costs and locations? Can I make COE show me the total cost of a craft including the bench costs?
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2021.11.28 21:28 plyzd Cyber Monday pop up offer

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2021.11.28 21:28 Pottedjay Tuning guitar up an octave and the strings keep snapping!?

I'm try to tune all my strimgs up an octave (whatever that means) and my strimgs keep snapping! I'm using ernies balls if that matters? I just want to stop my toan from being so muddy plz help?!
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2021.11.28 21:28 doomstressed DJI Mini vs DJi Mini 2 Batteries

Anyone know how to distinguish which batteries are for which model? is there a part number or a date of manufacturing?
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2021.11.28 21:28 That_Soft_Boy I wanna be a girl

But like, I never will be, unless I completely split from my family, and I need my family, I can’t disappoint them, it’s just another thing for my ugly ass to be sad about.
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2021.11.28 21:28 kittyperla TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT😂 🤣

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2021.11.28 21:28 grmcrkrs A SnowflakesTale

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2021.11.28 21:28 DefinitionPurple5569 MrBeast discussion

Is it just we or is he getting too influential with the world?
I heard he used to put Christian verses up on his YouTube channel.
I will be blunt,
I fear that satan has convinced him to abandon God for worldly gains.
If his success spreads to other things besides YouTube, and he begins to use his influence and authority to further other agendas, it could be disastrous.
I do hope I am wrong and he is a good person. What do you think?
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2021.11.28 21:28 GreenMenace1915 its self-sustaining now

its self-sustaining now submitted by GreenMenace1915 to raimimemes [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 21:28 magem8 new to talon , have a few questions!

first off, is there currently a bug where ur suggested items is just blank? its only like this for me wen im talon. On to the more talon related question i have and thats his ult. so far his kit mostly makes sense to me, ur Q either leaps to the target or if melee range crits and is guaranteed to auto reset. ur passive requires u to hit 3 spells then once u auto a target u hit with 3 spells u make em bleed, his E is leapy bow wonder , and i know advanced talons can minmax the crap outta it. his W is very straightforward, but lastly his ult. i've watched some talon 1 trick players to kinda grasp him but sometimes when they ult the blades like " stick" to the enemy, idk how else to describe it but i really dont get that part, it seems to happen if he ults in melee range on the enemy, like if the enemy then flashes away he still can hit the foe?? idk, am i overthinking his ult? or is there some form of trick to make ur ult stick to enemies
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