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Cresselia Raid- 2553 4588 5874

2021.11.28 20:39 mac_attack8968 Cresselia Raid- 2553 4588 5874

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2021.11.28 20:39 littlebitofsuffering Saw people posting their beastly Pokemon so I wanted to share these two absolute UNITS

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2021.11.28 20:39 SpareSmileBravo Restaurants Suggestions to celebrate our anniversary

Planning to surprise my wife by taking her to Dinner in DT. I’m looking for restaurants with nice ambiance and great views like plaza lights or skyline.
I came to know about Prime Social rooftop and Piropos from a recent post. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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2021.11.28 20:39 kissacex Why was my ex mean to me , when HE was the one who broke up with me?

lHe broke up with me around 2-3 years ago and I messaged him around the beginning of the pandemic 2020 and he asked to see me again.
We went out on a few dates - and he was incredibly rude to me.
He never complimented me once, and he kept judging me and assuming things that weren’t true … like saying “you hate people” and questioning if I even visit my mother and sister after I moved out
He even threatened me by saying “if you don’t show mutual interest then I’ll be on to the next” ???
This was really strange behaviour to me, because HE was the one who broke up with ME. And I didn’t even do anything to him (like cheat)
I went on 4 dates with him because I was hoping his rudeness would pass - but it didn’t. So I just told him to take me home and it wasn’t going to work…
He tried to negotiate with me by telling me I need to “communicate” and he even apologized to me while driving me home - and pretty much begged me to stay on the date.
Then we had a long talk in the car, and I told him what my standards were if he wanted to date me. I told him that he needed to drop his female friends because he used to flirt with them and compare me to them lowkey. That’s when he said he couldn’t do it. And I just said “ok” and went into my house (i’m 22 he’s 26)
Anyways, i haven’t spoke to him since then and he always comes around my area even though he has no reason to come down here. I take the bus, so i assume he just comes down here to catch a glimpse of me. I told him on one of our “dates” that I see him driving around here, and he denied it. But it’s been almost 6 months and i still see him.
I just want to know the logic of why he treated me so bad. Was he mad at me? Was it his own insecurities?Does he think it’s attractive to act like that?
He also did little things, like insult my outfit when i asked him how he liked my skirt. He judged me for not being friends with my old best friend who was also incredibly nasty to me. He said “you’re supposed to make it work” and I said “well you didn’t make it work with me?” He then STFU after that.
He also asked me “why do ppl treat you bad?” whenever i told him about this bum who harassed me on the train. It’s hard to explain but he always made me feel like everything was my fault.
He also told me he didn’t introduce me to his friends while dating because they make jokes that “i couldn’t handle”
He never treated me like that when we first met, he was obsessed with me and wanted to take me out so badly . And he always complimented me.
But later i found out he called every female friend “beautiful” while we were dating and when i accidentally saw his texts to them i realized he treated them so nicely and so much better than me.
Anyways can someone please explain this behaviour? I actually sent him a word document about 6 months ago (last time we spoke IRL) with about 15 questions asking about his behaviour. Please PM me for the link to the questions and the answers to see if you can help me understand.
I also called him once after that to ask him some more questions , and when I said “you treated me like shit” he got upset and hung up in my face. I then blocked him and never spoke to him since. Even tho i still see him driving around my area at least once a week.
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2021.11.28 20:39 chandobandz Please help i feel so alone

I’m a 21M & on September 12th i received my 1st round of Moderna vaccine & 2 days later i was in the ER with dull pains when i took deep breathes , before this i was a heavy weed smoker (since then have stopped because every time i smoke it hurts worse for a couple hours) not worth the panic. I told them i smoked and they took EKG, blood test, chest x-ray & everything was normal. They told me i had pleurisy and sent me on my way with steroid/inflammation medication. I took it for a couple days and the pain went from when i would breathe to a constant pain dead center of my chest. This freaked me out and i went back to a GP office and told them what was going on they did all the same steps as the ED except my white blood cell count was high (because of the steroids i was taking) they told me everything was fine and didn’t do anything for me. Then i went to a transition clinic and they referred me to a cardiologist who from the start was very rude and was very provax after i explained my symptoms he said this had nothing to do with my heart and had zero connection with the vaccine. Ordered an echocardiogram for 2 weeks later and sent me on my way. I waited (still struggling with chest pressure/pain) and once i got it done they called me after 2 weeks and told me everything was normal and left me with no answers. It has since been over 2 months and my chest pains have gotten a little better, now they come and go & are usually on the left side, sometimes on the right and sometimes dead center where my sternum is. Also i have heart palpitations when laying down, i can often feel my heartbeat in my head & sometimes the pain in my chest radiates to my back and sometimes under my armpit. they’re not as intense as in the beginning but still very worrisome. Honestly it’s taken a huge toll on me mentally as I’m a father to a 2 year old daughter and i feel like everyday might be my last. I’ve tried my best to keep going but some days are really hard because I’m depressed. I thought i was doing the right thing and now I’m stuck wondering if I’ll ever be normal again .. 😔 i don’t know what else to do i see my family Dr. On Dec. 28th and i hope they can find out what I’m going through. If anyone has some advice or a similar experience please share with me. I hope i recover and will be able to live my life again. I still am able to work and do normal stuff sometimes it’s just rough on me mentally as I’m constantly concerned that I’ll be stuck suffering forever. I feel so alone and have nobody to relate to me except in this forum 😓😓 please and Thanks in advance.
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2021.11.28 20:39 No-Beyond-713 [to: devs] I find your lack of effort, disturbing…

It may sound harsh, but I feel like the development philosophy at the moment is ‘Do not. There is no Do or Try.’ Most people know this title has been going for quite sometime, long before Arcade picked it up, and is feels as if the creativeness is slowing to a halt. Nooch mentioned a lot of points in his breakdown of Season 3 and I’d like to see put a summary thread of collective thoughts here (whether or not any dev or director reads them) :

State of the Game (as of S3 release):
Losses - This system is nonexistent. I feel like there needs to be a heavy focus on Level caps at each planet, a point loss cap if more than 5-10 games have been lost in 30mins or less, needs to be applied to leaderboard points, and needs a visible stat on the profile screen.
Wins - There’s no reason to gather points past the last planet level (9). Your points are removed to a default number after the season is over and your scans are the same as any level 9 person’s scan. Moving higher on the point scale should either raise your scan reward amounts and/or be displayed on a global leaderboard.
Events - The rewards are so generic 85% of the time that it’s almost slower at giving the same rewards that the normal gameplay provides. The newest event type (Reinforcements) is awfully setup in the fact that the reinforcements stay exactly the same through the whole event. This just causes everyone to build a deck to cater to whatever is given, with a focus on the knowledge of what to defend and counter with. Maybe change the type of reinforcements every game? Maybe make them real events instead of soft story lines with level 4 gameplay…?
Rewards - This has been touched upon above but needs more than mentioned previously. There are stagnant gameplay metas due to the lack of upgrade resources. It becomes the same 3 or 4 game types every round because you don’t have enough ‘studs’ to progress the already slow leveled cards. How are new gameplay styles supposed to emerge when you’ve got 10 cards needing an upgrade, but you have to still save 15k more gold to upgrade one of them? It’s not… people can’t play weak cards and expect to beat someone with cards 2 - 4 levels higher. Gold, Studs, whatever needs to be bumped at higher tiers. Period/Exclamation point.! Just for reference, I have over 4.5k wins and it’s a struggle to advance anything outside my played deck…
Champs, Guilds, and the rest: I don’t want to rehash the community’s thoughts but ultimately they’re lacking or nonexistent…

Please feel free to elaborate, rant, and include other ideas or thoughts. I only post because I enjoy the game and would like for it to advance and not fizzle out.
May the force be with all of you… always.
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2021.11.28 20:39 zerogravity_0 Regice on me, please join.

4329 2675 0143
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2021.11.28 20:39 Show_me_your_color How is this possible at all?! I was dead certain that we are HENRY before discovering this sub. I lived in my little bubble thinking only SWE and STEM are earning more. Now? Now I see how late I'm to the party.

I posted it in the sticky but let me copy it for clarity sake:

I come from Poland, where salaries are meager and the weather is grey. However, the vast majority of young people from bigger cities speak at least 2 foreign languages and have at least one master's degree.
Just to show you how our "route to success" looked like: a Master in Law is 5 years, then you go for the BAR that takes 4 years and after a final round of exams lasting a week, you finally become a barrister at the young age of 28-29.
Then you start waging your life away for, wait for it, $17k-$42k a year gross. Yes. At best you can earn $42k gross a year in Biglaw at the ripe age of 30. You heard it right, after 9 years of studies you can't even buy a car with a year's worth salary. And the best part?
To be ahead of other people I did 2 other master's degrees at the same time. I was studying 7 days a week. I graduated in Data Science and also in Finance. So it boggles my mind that people way younger, without any college, can be such high earners.
We had to move abroad to be able to save anything and even if we finally achieved decent salaries my worldview has just been profoundly shaken by discovering this subreddit. As I said, I was perplex reading all the comments and not seeing only SWE or Medical doctors.
Mid30's and 500k in Sales? 28 and 235k in Data Science?! 25 and 300k in E-commerce? 25 and 150k in Data?! Late 20 100k+ compliance manager?! 28 and 300k Sales?! Late 20 and a HHI of 500k in corporate?! 25 and 150k in Finance!? LAte 20 AHI 400k doing Sales and CPA?!
What I remember from my 20's is studying a shit-ton and plenty of unpaid internships, plenty of coffee and paying for additional certifications. This is just unbelievable how much you are all earning and I see how far far far behind we are. Eh, Comparison is truly the thief of joy.
Happy for you all but it is depressing
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2021.11.28 20:39 cataclysmsurvivalist Martial arts styles, and should the Proficiencies part of the info menu be expanded?

(before I accidentaly make a fool out of myself, I'd like to remind everyone that experimental's changelog is unavailable and I have been playing the game on the same version for the last month)
The proficiencies menu has been greatly expanded since it was first established. Many complain that it slows the game down, and to an extend I agree, but I still believe it's satisfying to master them, and it's an organic way to ensure your new survivor doesn't magicaly become great at crafting arts he/she just recently heard about.
But it's becoming very expansive and the list is getting extremely large. On the possible future, I really believe Proficiencies should be divided into areas the same way skills have been separated. It's really amazing just how much knowledge goes into building up a survivor to make actual armor, and while it's great to see the many, many number of things you've mastered since you started making kevlar armor on your own for the first time, the amount of scrolling needed is making a strong case for that little part on your character's menu to be expanded.
Maybe even on an entirely new menu, same way achievements are. And speaking of proficiencies, they're not exclusive to crafting. A lot of stuff like archery and trap detection also are part of proficiencies. That's great, but I can't help but feel like that only serves to highlight the elephant in the living room that is the martial arts system and how it's not included in that at all.
Martial arts are complicated and the styles vary immensely amongst each other. Obviously someone with fighting experience would have an easier time learning another martial art than someone who is completely new, but it shouldn't be so easy for a boxer to switch to tai chi on a whim after just reading a book. The martial arts themselves are fine as it is (though I think Krav Maga could use a few more nerfs), the implementation on how we use their buffs and attacks aren't though.
Just like archery, I believe the martial arts should have their own proficiencies, and their multiple bonuses be activated based on whether or not you have them mastered. It would be a stretch to have a colored belt system, but an 'Expert (Martial art name)' proficiency would be nice. And lastly, Brawling could become another martial art if you've used it enough, as it's hard to call yourself a 'brawler' when you've reached level 10 skill on unarmed; your kicks and punches name you a martial artist in all but name, so giving access to any of the more 'jack of all trades' real life martial arts such as Karate or the aforementioned Krav Maga automatically (preferably giving the player a choice on which one to pick, if more than one are chosen) would be an organic way to reward mastering unarmed.
If that sounds broken, don't worry, as long as shocker zombie variants and gasoline zombies exist, we will never be able to make melee-centric characters broken.
And the last point I'd like to make is about mutations, just like in my last post. I'm a very mutant-centric player, so any love they get makes me happy. All martial arts were made because humans have no natural weapons like other predators do, but what if we developed them? It would be a stretch to make entire martial arts from scratch based on what kinds of body-parts you develop, but adding 'easter eggs' of sorts that trigger achievements & new attacks if you have corresponding martial art styles with certain mutations would be immensely satisfying and add another layer of immersion to the game. After all, it doesn't make a lot of sense for an evolved mutant to just stick with old versions of martial arts skills if one that's better is already available right at their fingertips.
For example, one of the most discredited moves in modern Karate is the nukite. That is because making a spear with your fingers not only requires heavy movement to build up momentum, but the outstretched fingers means you could break your hand even if you're not countered and just slightly miss the attack to the opponent's throat and hit somewhere else instead, and if you CAN attack the enemy's throat, why not just use a regular punch instead. But what if the user had actual, honest-to-God boney finger-claws? Suddenly the dumb flashy move turns the user into an actual spear wielder, as mastery of that attack can pierce through skin, flesh and bone, dealing huge amounts of critical damage, causing massive bleeding and knocking monsters onto the ground when the user swipes them with a short kick as he removes his bloodied hand from their chest. You could even have achievements for having such style/mutation combo activate during your playthrough.
Basically what I'm saying is rip off Kengan Ashura, I wanna have a bright 'Devil Spear' pop up announcement appear when I skewer a zombie please and thank you.
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2021.11.28 20:39 TygerSnoot Are you vaccinated? Why or why not?

Please let’s keep the comments kind and respectful please, I just wanted to create an open space for discussion on this topic!
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2021.11.28 20:39 mrdark16 You know it

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2021.11.28 20:39 pshed8410 Registeel inviting 10! 4758 8979 1084

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2021.11.28 20:39 GeneralOtter03 Do you watch anime and if so what’s the latest show you watched?

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2021.11.28 20:39 ImportanceSilver3251 [Highlight] Mattison takes it in for the score to bring the deficit to eight

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2021.11.28 20:39 MusicalDecomposition Which level of the Backrooms would you like to visit the most?

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2021.11.28 20:39 IP00pRedGerbils [WTB] Streamlight TLR-1 HL (MN)

Looking for either the 800 or 1k lumen model. Let's see what you got. $75 for salty, would go up to $105 for new.
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2021.11.28 20:39 PotatoKing_88 Regice 1736 8786 8336

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2021.11.28 20:39 GarlicCookies People who don’t want children why?

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2021.11.28 20:39 OrangeToAmber My first resin coaster with brass shavings. Before and after polish.

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2021.11.28 20:39 Useful-Ad162 Half-Baked Survivor Season Concept - Survivor by Proxy

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2021.11.28 20:39 Squeasle10 Selling a couple 5-packs!

Link below has pictures and info for three different 5-packs of discs. The two Discmania packs will go for $90 each, prodigy pack is $80. Prices include shipping. Please let me know if there are any questions.
Comment and PM if interested. Priority will be given based on the order I receive PM’s.
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2021.11.28 20:39 Careless_Ad_6160 I'm bored

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2021.11.28 20:39 NickiNellis [Art] I made some NPC portraits using Artbreeder and Procreate.

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2021.11.28 20:39 Peacocktreeoflife1 Having consistently amazing sex is just as important as any other aspect of health. If you aren’t having it, you are not “healthy”

Eating good food is healthy. Breathing clean air is healthy. Drinking water and herbal teas is healthy. Having a comfortable and safe place to live is healthy. And so is having a satisfying sex life. If you don’t have all of them combined, you are not fulfilled enough to understand true health.
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2021.11.28 20:39 serial4u Cati Kati Ask Episode 3 (English Subtitles) - serial4u

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