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A Lecture

2021.11.28 20:44 CommandantTrogdor A Lecture

Cadet Second Class Dmitry Vfederov had always loathed lectures. It was one thing to train and to learn something on the ranges and fields of the Chernobog Officer’s Academy, to learn all the roles he would have to fulfill in the infantry fighting vehicles he hoped to command, but to sit in a musty auditorium and listen to some long-since-irrelevant staff officer drone on about theory and principles of officership or worse, history, was another thing entirely, and one he often saw himself sleeping through.
Unfortunately, the seat to which he had been assigned in Professor Tsartelk’s class on infantry officership was such that sleep was positively impossible without being detected almost immediately, so dull consciousness was required. The auditorium was set so that scores of rows and columns surrounded a central stage which lay on a raised position at the bottom of a pit such that students sitting in the bottom rows still had to look up to view the lecturer. Hundreds of rows of cadets in identical green-grey uniforms precipitated a simple wooden stage upon which a portly man in an ill-fitting uniform stood in front of various chalkboards, a projection of a topographical map standing above the chalk etchings of the same. Dmitry, for all his luck, was one such cadet who happened to sit exactly at the front, and in the middle at that. Unable to doze, he often spent his time distracted by those who sat around him and who were of a similar uncaring disposition.
“So what’s for tonight?” He turned in his chair and asked his friend Radovik as Tsartelk entered a particularly boring section. Radovik was a cadet training to become a tank officer and since meeting their first year, the two were virtually inseparable and, due to a similarity in their chosen careers, had many shared courses.
“Didn’t hear it from me, but the tankers are getting to Gelbezan.” Radovik whispered back, making at least an attempt to appear as though he were still taking notes as he discussed one of the more well known towns that bordered the academy.
“Tankers eh? I’m a bit of one am I not?”
“Enough of one. Wear your nonregs and make an excuse to your dorm commandant.”
“She’s heard every one I’ve had to give,” Dmitry chuckled. “But she won’t report me, long as we’re back before the morning.”
“Oh we will be. Katya might be there if she can get out of range training.” Radovik smiled as he turned back to his notes and jotted down a word or two to keep up the ruse. Dmitry suppressed a grin.
“Katya? I thought you said it was just tankers.”
“Well air defenses are sort of like tanks. I thought you’d be happy to hear it anyway.”
“Course I am,” He let the grin come out fully. “Just wondering at the distinction of what a tank is in that case.”
“Her Tkachkov has tracks and a gun, it’s close enough.”
“Very well then. Our meeting point?”
“Old Boris’s statue.”
“Wonderful, should I bring any-” Dmitry swallowed the rest of his words as he realized that his name had been called. Looking frantically around, he found his professor’s eyes.
“Cadet Vfederov,” the old infantry colonel barked. “Perhaps you would do us the courtesy of answering my last query.”
Bastard, Dmitry thought, but covered his annoyance and made an attempt to sound proper. “My apologies, sir, could you repeat the question?”
Tsartelk grunted. “The question, cadet, was one of armor and anti-armor. You are training to command motor riflemen and as such I expect you to know the answer.”
“Truly, but first I must know the question.” A few cadets behind him laughed, Radovik made an attempt to appear as though he had simply been taking notes the entire time.
“Very well.” the professor exhaled. “In a standard dismounted reconnaissance action from a platoon of infantrymen on the attack and given standard kit and platoon-level dispensations, what would the general response be to encountering an armored platoon, assuming analogous dismounted support?”
“Surely that’s a trick question, sir.” Dmitry sputtered.
“Surely not, answer it.”
“Where are our own vehicles?”
“View the situation in a vacuum and answer as though you never possessed any.”
“But wouldn’t it be better to simply wait for our battalion tanks? Or at least the rockets on our infantry vehicles.”
“The question is one of constraints, Cadet Vfederov, treat it as such.”
“Is the terrain favorable?”
“As favorable as you want it.”
Dmitry furrowed his brow. Tsartelk was toying with him. “And the ammunition for our anti-tank measures?”
“Have they seen us yet?”
“They might have.”
“Distance to targets?”
“Eight hundred meters and closing.”
“Can’t we withdraw?”
“Withdrawing will cost the battalion their spearhead.”
“I thought the situation was in a vacuum, the rest of the battalion is there then?”
“For that question it is. Answer mine now.”
“Hmph.” Dmitry grunted. The rest of the course’s cadets were staring at him now. “Provided we simultaneously have no vehicles to support and cannot withdraw, I’d order a halt of the platoon and call the coordinates back to the artillery section, they ought to make short work of it.”
“Incorrect.” Tsartelk exhaled.
“Excuse me? My solution denies the enemy their defensive position and spares my platoon.”
“You are wrong, cadet. The question is one of infantry and you choose to prioritize artillery, one of rapidity and you choose to halt the battalion and devote precious resources to countering something which is obviously not independent and which could just as easily be countered tactically by your own platoon while the battalion engages the adjacent forces. Furthermore you choose to network when you are uncertain of electronic warfare capabilities. Your platoon survives while the battalion is slain.”
“That’s a bullshit question then.” Dmitry exclaimed. “I didn’t know any of that, if I did I’d-”
“Exactly.” Tsartelk interrupted. “The question pushes at the heart of infantry warfare, a form defined as much by what is not known as what can be known. You, in command of your platoon, cannot know what the enemy knows or what he possesses beyond that which you see, and what you see necessitates a response that safeguards the battalion and ensures the continued advance. All infantry warfare is anti-tank warfare, you cannot rely on others when they will be needed elsewhere.”
“But what of my platoon?” Now Dmitry was truly aghast, a rarity as he tended to drone out the lecture. “Engaging armor at such a distance without a clear egress point will-”
Again, Tsartelk interrupted him. “You have your heavy anti-tank troops as well as the light rockets given to all infantrymen. Any infantry officer would know that an immediate halt and staggered formation ought to be undertaken, tanks engaged first by heavies at five hundred meters and then subsequently by light options on a per-squad basis if they get within three hundred, all the while infantry engaged with weapons squads.”
“But our casualties,” Dmitry pressed. “There is no way this situation will not cost the platoon thirty, forty, perhaps even fifty percent strength.”
“As you are training to command motor riflemen, I assumed that at least would be obvious to you.”
Parts of the class were beginning to snicker but Dmitry was angered, it wasn’t even a fair situation to ask. “Obvious? You gave a situation where I wouldn’t be able to call our armor section or our own vehicles and then tell me to simply be content with the loss of half a platoon, what real world scenario is that?”
“Mine.” The professor responded coolly. “When I was a senior lieutenant I encountered a situation just like this. The enemy was an Acelian armored battalion possessing sophisticated electronic warfare measures which rendered communication with battalion assets impossible and was part of a wider counterattack which rendered our withdrawal suboptimal. I gave the order to engage as I have described, if you had read from the coursework last month you would have read my after action report and known this before coming to class.”
Dmitry sighed, defeated. “And what happened then?”
“So you did not read the assigned reports for that unit?”
“Hell if I did, what happened?”
The professor smiled. “The Acelians withdrew after the loss of two tanks and the wounding or killing of most of their infantry and my platoon suffered eighty percent casualties.”
“Eighty? You’re telling me that’s a situation I ought to replicate?”
“It is. Infantry warfare is anti-tank warfare, and just so, any conflict will require officers to kill their own men for the mission to be completed. We cannot let the mission fall just for sentimentalities. Had I withdrawn, the battalion would be at greater risk. Had I attempted to contact the armored platoon, at this point only a kilometer away, I would inform the enemy of their position and the battalion would furthermore be at a loss. When the attack was completed, we had neutralized a full-strength armored battalion and further routed under fire two infantry support battalions and accompanying recce forces. So,” Tsartelk paused. “Do you find an issue with this, or will you be paying attention in my class from now on?”
“Just one,” Dmitry grit his teeth. “We didn’t win that war, did we?”
Tsartelk stared at him and for an instant the old man seemed almost youthful again in the anger that was obvious behind his eyes, though he exhaled sharp and snarled. “Despite my efforts.” He said simply and for a moment the two simply stared at each other, a tension gripping the class as nobody dared speak. Mercifully, the bell that signalled a change of periods sounded which precipitated a simultaneous cacophony as the whole of the lecture’s attendants stood and stuffed their notetaking materials into their packs.
“Ah,” Tsartelk exclaimed. “Remember to read chapters seventeen through twenty one of Khulc and excerpts from Colonel Yegandev which are on the course website.” The professor moved to collect his own course materials, turning off the projector, but paused to eye Dmitry again, a look that he shied from as he simply looked to the ground to collect his own pack, not needing to place anything in it as he had not removed his notebooks at the beginning of the class anyway.
“So,” Radovik’s voice broke across the din of the rest of the class’s exit. His voice was hesitant as he made a poor attempt to not think about what had just taken place. “Gelbezan?”
“Gelbezan,” Dmitry grumbled in response. “You have vehicle commanding principles with Katya next, right?”
“I do.”
“Tell her I’ll be there.”
Radovik smiled. “Surely I shall. And she’ll be there for tank gunnery training after lunch if you want to meet up with us there.”
“Thanks but no, I’ve had enough of tanks for one week.”
“All the same. 2030 tonight, Boris’s statue.”
“2030 tonight.” Dmitry echoed. “Make sure the rest of your friends shower after gunnery training since she’s going to be there.”
“My oath, Dima.”
“Right then, tonight at 2030.”
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2021.11.28 20:44 yallapapi These Girls Told Me EVERYTHING About Their Dating Lives (I MAY BE SICK)

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2021.11.28 20:44 SnooCats150 Cresselia raid on me first ten 0893 8316 4264

0893 8316 4264
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2021.11.28 20:44 theantivirus November 28 Update: 374 new cases in Arkansas -

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2021.11.28 20:44 TeenBeans My wife has a terrible rash on her hand. Nothing is working, and it’s starting to bleed.

27F, 5’6 125lbs, white (Hispanic), no smoking/drinking. Link to images:
My wife has had a terrible rash on her hand for about 6-8 months now, and it’s noticeably worse during the winter months. The rash even starts to bleed at times and leaks some clear, sticky “fluid” sporadically.
She tried Triamcinolone Acetonide, but it hasn’t helped at all. I have no idea what the rash is, but it’s driving her crazy. I’m just looking for anything that will soothe her hand.
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2021.11.28 20:44 JeansForSalmon Tell me how big of a fish I am by the way I played this hand

Pretty sure I made a terrible play here but would like some opinions from more experienced minds. I’m pretty new to the game, been playing regularly for maybe 6 months.
Live 1/3 8 max. Hero on the button with Jh10h. $200 in my stack.
UTG limps, CO limps, Hero raises to $30 (5bb is standard open at this table.) UTG calls, CO folds.
FLOP: Js 10d 7c (pot $64) UTG checks. Hero bets $35. UTG calls.
TURN: 2c (pot $135) UTG checks. Hero shoves for $135. UTG calls.
Villain shows 77 for the flopped set. Am I just way overplaying 2 pair here?
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2021.11.28 20:44 Turbulent_Flan1804 What Axie to add?

So I now have the following axies:
Plant: serious, cactus, hot butt, watering can (31 SPD, 61 HP)
Aqua: double anemone, post fight, lam (57 SPD)
What would you add? Is AAP still viable as a budget team bc of aquas beeing dirt cheap? Thinking of aqua with goldfish, nimo, shoal star and lam/risky fish)
I have about 0,05ETH to spend.
Thank you:)
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2021.11.28 20:44 lowhighsly Delivery Time on a F150 Tremor?

Anyone have any idea about the delivery time for an f150 tremor order? Any constraints like the Bronco?
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2021.11.28 20:44 EvilGenius999 I don't care how horrible of a person a customer is, if you work in a restaurant and you spit in people's food, your disgusting.

I understand that people can be straight assholes, especially to people who are doing them the service of bringing food, but this...this is just deplorable. What if your sick and u give them something. Honestly it's better to just see if uppermanagment could have them leave or anything...literally anything better than contaminating a product(the food) that they are paying your business...and by extension guaranteeing you a salary&job at the your place of work. I hate people who are disrespectful to servers and or chefs just as much as I hate said people in the title, and I suspect that people who even stoop this low are few in number. It's just the thought that people actually have done this and or had this done to them makes me sick.
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2021.11.28 20:44 rowdy_antlers Any cool uses for all those leftover coffee grinds at our shops?

Everyday I think about what we could be doing to reuse the coffee grounds from espresso pulls or drip coffees. I know I could compost the grounds. Does anyone currently use their leftover grounds to do anything neat with?
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2021.11.28 20:44 tango_papa101 Is DD down or dead or something?

Seriously, this is a Sunday and I haven't seen a beep, not even a $2 order the past hour. Is the app down or something? Recently nothing would appear after 8-9pm either even tho every place opens till near midnights....
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2021.11.28 20:44 TRexy225 Monty’s Enclosure? (More in comments pls read)

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2021.11.28 20:44 May_k_ I need help assessing my problem of SA I’ve had for years. Pls help. (MENTIONS OF SA)

-I’ve never had therapy or discussed before so this a first for me.
So earlier , I accidentally came across a popcorn(read the first two and last two letters) video on Twitter today and it was triggering for me. It was not only this video, but it came in accumulation of other videos I came across on TikTok that verbally explained detailed description of sexual assault(I didnt expect it to be as triggering as it was because I never usually get as triggered). It reminded me of memories i thought I had forgotten or tried to forget. I started crying soon after and felt a bit hazy as I was well, just.. thinking a lot. Let’s start with some background information for now. So when I was 10-11, let’s just say something unfortunate happened to me(and that should be obvious now when considering the topic, I just don’t want to go into lots of detail because it’s kinda hard). I remember not being able to concentrate in class and my mind feeling really disturbed at the time. It was a state of confusion and a bit of shock(regarding other details of the situation that I can’t elaborate on much). I also developed an eating disorder soon after I believe(and I don’t know if it is directly caused by it, but after pondering about it, it seemed to make sense). I feared eating and growing larger and bigger to the extent where I wouldn’t be seen as a child anymore. I feared growing up. Middle school became a really dreadful part in my life after I struggled with an eating disorder for more than three years. The memories and feeling of what happened have come acros my mind so many times after, almost haunting me and I always wished to forget what they felt like because it just felt so… dirty. I also developed a strange perception of love where I thought everyone had feelings of lust in them and that was the base of romantic relationships. I thought everyone was nasty, yet as a normal thing for people. I started to kind of fear sexual feelings in general or sexual relationships and sometimes contemplating on my own sexuality and whether I was to consider myself asexual or not. Everything sexual gave me a weird feeling. I often see myself coming across this topic a lot. Everything seems so foggy and even as I continued to ponder and get haunted by my feelings that have continued to cross my mind ever since, tonight felt especially triggering. I feel like I need help sorting out my thoughts and help discussing the causes and effects of my situation because I wish to escape this confusion and I believe if it will help me. Tonight things felt especially weird after coming across the videos on Twitter and tiktok, my mind began (I don’t really know how to describe this but) sexualizing situations, like thinking of disturbing potential outcomes of things. It feels like such a bad feeling, and worst of all is that when I saw a comment section on a TikTok video saying that it was wrong to thinking like how I was when there was a certain video of a family relationship, I felt like something was wrong with me. And now I would like help sorting out my thoughts since I am far too scared and unable to have real therapy. Any help would be appreciated and please try to censor words in comments.
I haven’t EVER discussed my issue with anyone ever and confronting anyone involved in what happened to me has always been a no go. Whether they feel remorse, remember it, or think if I still remembeknow of it always crosses my mind. And that’s why I believe it’s become kind of an issue now because it’s affected my relationship with (t h e m). I wonder if I forgive, I wonder a lot, and that’s why I want to assess everything
It’s really hard to write when I go into detail because I feel a sense of guilt of doing so as well. I left a lot out but I got a lot out at the same time.
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2021.11.28 20:44 Robert_gatsby GPS not updating

Does anyone else's GPS just not update the entire day? at like noon-ish it'll freeze and just not update the rest of the day
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2021.11.28 20:44 jaco2508 Trying Cool Scooter Tricks

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2021.11.28 20:44 WeirdUsername22 How much fluoride should there be in my toothpaste?

How much fluoride should there be in my toothpaste? I just bought this toothpaste. The "stannous fluoride" is 0.454% and the "w/v fluoride ion" is 0.14% is that good or is it too little?
Also: Is it bad that it says "whitening" on it? I read online a while back that whitening toothpaste isn't good.
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2021.11.28 20:44 GiantRobo1 Dell Precision M4700 display became too blurry after windows 10 pro update 20h2 tried various options and no luck

HI, can you please help with the issues from recent Windows 10 Update. I always try to stay away from updates and only update them after delaying as much i can. Latest update to 20H2(19042.1387) shaked my system display. I am using a DELL Precision M4700 windows 10 Pro ( this is my daily driver and one and only laptop). the fonts became too blurry and i am getting a bit nausea looking at my screen. I dint had this issue with my intern laptop or others. I tried various setting, editing the regediter , allowing the windows to adjust display, and setting to match better performace and also display to match the display scaling rather than aspect ratio. I updated all the drivers/downloaded and installed from .. all the fonts icons zoom now 175% and i am not able to look at my laptop more than 10 minutes and feeling very dizzy.. please help. i even tried system restore before the update and it is of no help. it says restored by my windows update still shows 20H2. kindly please help all my school work and all are waiting..and i cant afford new laptop.
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2021.11.28 20:44 Friendly_Emphasis365 Can I get in?

I have a 4.6 weighted gpa (3.9 unweighted) and I want to major in Computer Sci. Due to a situation, I was unable to take pre calc and calc at all so I was wondering if that will hugely affect the outcome. My EC’s are good and sat is pretty low at 1260. Should I submit sat scores or not since it’s test optional or if I get a higher score possibly within the range, should I submit it then? I plan to ED2 and have an interview scheduled with a rep already.
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2021.11.28 20:44 Memerzone_YT Render with the new gen1 stormtrooper

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2021.11.28 20:44 taaiwa Ladies what if his resting face is uggg but he has a pantie-dropping smile?

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2021.11.28 20:44 _gay-frog i want people to come visit me, how do i tell what my dodo code is?

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2021.11.28 20:44 inuzumi Unlimited Kasane Works - This how it feels to bring the boss to your own space

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2021.11.28 20:44 howaway-tay ID Help?

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2021.11.28 20:44 Nayko214 Least combo heavy character?

Hey, been trying what are considered some easy characters or at least straightforward like Gio or Ram (since I like the idea of how she plays), but no matter what I do none of the better combos ever come out. I slow down and I miss it entirely. I speed it up and it just drops because I go too fast. The timing is never right. So just asking on the least combo heavy character to learn, since I just can't seem to do anything flashy.
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2021.11.28 20:44 EestiMentioned [/r/CryptocurrencyICO] Centaurify - ⚡ Launching Now on BSC

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