Another Image of the First Baptist Church in Phoenix, AZ. It’s still used as a wedding venue, but most of it is still abandoned.

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Unable to accommodate her requests, I referred her to a colleague able to support her unique needs: Dr. Harold Shipman.
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I have OCD that looks like an eating disorder but functions differently as well as compulsive exercising.
I am 5 foot 11 and weight 133 lbs. how do I know if I’m underweight? I hope I’m underweight because I hear some anxiety can go away if you gain weight.
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hey guys its been a long journey, and i've been here for a long time. ever since the beggining i was passionate about this game and cool small community. but ovetime the game evolved and changed for either the better or the worse. i've grown older and i just dont have the time anymore. many of you probably saw this coming, but like all good things, eventually it must come to an end. I dont feel the way i used to, and being the person i am having this title makes me feel responsible, so i need to lift this weight off my shoulder.
I'm officially announcing retirement. goodbye everyone.
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Ok. I'm at my wits end here. How on earth do I use vacuum sealer? What skill levels, gadgets and do-dads do I need for it and is the recepie in the food section or do I need to use the vacuum sealer itself?
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2021.11.28 20:16 gingereno The World of AVOWED (Eora): LORE - The Cultures and Peoples of Eora

The World of AVOWED (Eora): LORE - The Cultures and Peoples of Eora Pre-amble. This post is to bring attention to something relevant to both Pillars fans and Avowed fans: culture. In Eora there are many different people groups we can interact with, which we see in the Pillars of Eternity games; I suspect it will be the same in AVOWED. So, in order to better understand who these NPCs are that we are dealing with, I thought this lore post would be relevant for most of us. ALSO! If you are wanting to start playing a tabletop game set in Eora, this will give you some relevant information as to how to build your character's background.

For those not in-the-know, Avowed takes place in a fictional fantasy setting known as Eora. This fictional world is also the setting for two Obsidian-made games: Pillars of Eternity and Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. These lore posts serve to familiarize those unfamiliar with Eora as a means of gearing up for the release of Avowed, as well as giving us a more nuanced understanding of the game's world upon release. As well for those already familiar with the World of Eternity, it serves as a means to geek out! Today's topic: EMPIRES, NATIONS, GEOGRAPHY, CULTURES & BACKGROUNDS of Eora.

in-game globe of known Eora

PREVIEW Before going forward there are some terms here we should become familiar with first so that it's easier to understand what we read about the cultures of Eora. The main thing being the word "Kith", which refers to the dominant races of Eora (in contemporary times). Essentially, a "Kith person" is a person of one of the following races: human, dwarf, elf, orlan, aumauan, and godlike. For more on this subject, read up on it here.
As an outline, I will be breaking down all of the entries here into four main overarching categories. If a category/subcategory is uninteresting to you, or already known, feel free to skip to the next one. The four main categories will be:
  1. The Old Empires (empires still active today, but have a longstanding history in the modern-day world)
  2. The Eastern Reach (the "new world", with fledgling nations/colonies originally formed under the banner of the Old Empires)
  3. The Distant Lands (the still relatively unexplored and lawless regions of Eora, only for the bravest and skilled of explorers and mercenaries)
  4. The Ancient Empires (civilizations that either no longer "alive"; no longer considered a "worldwide power"; or have been isolated from the rest of Eora)
The rest of the nations/cultures/etc. will fall under one of the above four categories. ENJOY!

Map found on Pillars of Eternity Fandom article: \"Eora\", notice locations of OLD EMPIRES
THE OLD EMPIRES I will not go on an expansive review of the Old Empires of Eora, because I have already done so here. However, to quickly review who/what the Old Empires of Eora are, here we are:
The Old Empires of Eora refer to the empires of recent history (with Pillars of Eternity being considered "Present Day") that have been dominant in the world up to this point. Many of them are in decline, and are losing powestability. These empires have set the foundation for the fledgling nations we see today. They are:
  1. The Aedyr Empire (central-west in Eora)
  2. Rauatai (a predominantly Aumauan nation, originating further northeast)
  3. Grand Vailia, or "Old Vailia" (central south, as far as I can tell from other lore)

THE EASTERN REACH The "New World", as it were, in Eora. This section of a newly discovered continent by the Old Empires is the staging grounds for the new nations rising to power in Eora, while the old ones begin crumbling. The continent itself is not called the Eastern Reach, but we don't yet have another name for it in the games (that I'm aware of). It's called this because of Aedyran influence: the empire travelled thousands of miles east across the ocean to reach this new land.

Map of the Eastern Reach, useful for Tabletop roleplaying settings
Grand/Old Vailia has also set up colonies, as Aedyr has. Rauatai has largely not settled on this new land, though it has redirected their efforts to a distant region called the Deadfire Archipelago (covered later).
Here are the main modern nations we see in the Eastern Reach:
  1. The Free Palatinate of DYRWOOD (the setting for Pillars of Eternity, a recently independent colony of the Aedyr Empire; it is located along the western-central coast)
  2. Eir Glanfath (the nation of tribes native to this land, just east of the Dyrwood)
  3. Ixamitl Plains (a region north of the Dyrwood with other natives of the Eastern Reach)
  4. Penitential Regency of READCERAS (a theocratic Aedyran colony northeast of the Dyrwood)
  5. The Vailian Republics (a set of five city state "republics" south of Dyrwood along the coast)
  6. The Pearl Coast (a set of destroyed citites, no longer a viable nation)

Also just referred to as "The Dyrwood", this region of the Eastern Reach serves as the setting for the first Pillars of Eternity game. Dyrwood have recently achieved independence from their 'mother nation', the Aedyr Empire; and are a cousin colony to Readceras, another Aedyran colony in the Eastern Reach.

in-game map for the Dyrwood
Dyrwood's nearly 2 million total population is primarily comprised of meadow folk (humans) and wood elves; however there is also a healthy amount of dwarves and orlans as well. Their main exports are:
Wyr (weer, “wire,” Aedyran) wool, gal glas (gahl glahs, “green thorn,” Glanfathan) timber, Glanfathan deer hide, tin, lead, iron, and copper.
Main faiths expressed are:
Galawain (god of Nature), Skaen (god of [secret] Hatred), and Hylea (goddess of birds & the Sky).
The geography of the free palatinate contains coastlines leading into plains ripe for agriculture, with its borders leading up to forested mountain ranges (wherein we begin to trespass into other nations)

Counting in at approximately three-quarters of a million, this collection of wood elf and wild orlan tribes form the modern-day nation of Eir Glanfath, a nation of tribes native to the Eastern Reach. Peoples of this nation are referred to as Glanfathans by local colonists. Eir Glanfaths history can extend to as far back as Engwith, an ancient civilization (discussed later). Since the introduction of foreigners in the Dyrwood, they have had many border skirmishes and wars centring upon the trespass and desecration of holy sites of ancient ruins. Since then peace treaties have been established with Dyrwood, but it is a recent and fragile peace.

symbol of Eir Glanfath
The tribes of Eir Glanfath are separated into six main tribes, each with a tribes-head called an amanfath. The main faiths of the Glanfathan tribes are:
Galawain, Hylea, Rymrgand (god of Entropy), and Berath (goddess of Death).
Common exports of Eir Glanfath are:
Gal glas (gahl glahs, “green thorn,” Glanfathan) timber, Glanfathan deer hide, gold, adra shell (the odd shell material found in Engwithan ruins), rare fungi.

First off: No, I do not know how to properly pronounce Ixamitl, the best I can guess is icks-ahm-it-el. Though, there is a chance the "x" sounds like a "sch" making it eesh-ahm-it-el. Either way, the Ixamitl Plains are another nation of natives to the Eastern Reach. They are located northeast of Eir Glanfath and sub-in the wood elves for savannah folk (a type of human) to create an orlan/human society.
The relative isolation of the Ixamitl plains from both neighbouring native communities and foreign nations, mixed with the sustainability of their crops have led the natives of Ixamitl plains to be less imperialistic and more introspective. Philosophers among the Ixamitls are considered chief in their field.
Ixamitl Plains \"savannah folk\"
Not much else is known, at this time.

Often just shortened to "Readceras" (raid-sare-ahs), this other former Aedyran-based colony is a type of theocratic nation - what they like to call a temporary ecclesiocracy - and are nearly entirely governed by the local church of Eothas (god of Light/Redemption). Their population is only 180,000 individuals, mainly comprised of meadow folk (humans), wood elves, and orlans (though, most orlans here are in slavery). Their ideals/values are as follows:
Optimism, faith, propriety, vigilance, and discipline.
banner of Readceras
Their opposed vices are as follows:
Pessimism, doubt, deviance, rebelliousness, and aimlessness.
Readceras is important for the recent history of Pillars of Eternity, due to the Saint's War, which saw a Readceran army march into the Dyrwood in an effort to "purge" heretics and unbelievers.

The Vailian (vay-lee-an) Republics are actually a set of five city state republics located south of Dyrwood along the Eastern Reach's southern coastline. They are more than 10% larger, in population, than the Dyrwood (weighing in at 2.25 million), and are mainly comprised of ocean folk (a type of human). Each confederate republic are led by ducs, which often associate to a particular family name; and quite often Vailians (both of the Old Empires and of the Eastern Reach) are mercantile-focused in their pursuits.
Common faiths in the Vailian Republics include:
Ondra (goddess of the Moon/Ocean), Hylea, Abydon (god of the Forge), and Magran (goddess of Fire & War)
banner for the Vailian Republics
Common exports of the republics are:
Iron, copper, silver, glassworks, ships, spices, clocks, and astronomical equipment
The Vailian Republics are an important faction in the second Pillars game.

There is little to say of the Pearl Coast. It is a coastline region south of the Dyrwood, but still north of the Vailian republics that once housed several refugee communities from the Dwarven Kingdom of the White March (a region in the mountains north of Dyrwood). Interestingly, though, the paladin order of Goldpact Knights originate from this area, and survived the destruction of its land.

THE DISTANT LANDS Homebrew map of Eora found on Google Images, note locations of Distant Lands
Link to map here.
After looking at the Old Empires and the new world nations growing in the Eastern Reach we now come to consider frontier regions of Eora. These are lands which are vastly unexplored by the modern world, and find themselves as the new locale for exploration and opportunity. They are as follows:
  1. Deadfire Archipelago (setting for Pillars II; a cluster of islands, east-central in the known world, home to the Huana peoples)
  2. The White That Wends (southern polar region, kind of like a live-able Antarctica; home to the Glamfellen - the Pale Elves)
  3. The Living Lands (rumoured setting for Avowed; a chaotic and mysterious land north of Aedyr continent)

This distant region of Eora, far east and central in the known world, is home to a confederation of pirates; numerous island tribes of Huana (discussed later); ancient secrets; and monstrous creatures. It is the setting for the second Pillars of Eternity game. Even in the second game, this region is still considered a frontier land, only for the brave - or insane - to explore.
Given the expanse of the Deadfire's range, there are a variety of biomes, climates, geographies, and peoples that can be found in these spattering islands located between Ondra's Mortar and the White that Wends. The former being an impassable colossal storm barring further exploration of Eora's oceans; the latter being the southern polar ice caps of Eora.
Map of Deadfire Archipelago
The Huana, an ancient culture, still resides here; as expected the region is mostly populated by Island Aumaua, however with the introduction of the Rauataian empire's Royal Deadfire Company; the confederation of Old Vailian pirates, the Principi san Patrena; and the Vailian Republics embassy - the Deadfire has seen a drastic increase in all types/sorts of individuals.
The Deadfire Archipelago is not easily summed up in a small entry such as this; just know that it is a large cluster of islands, home to the island aumaua culture of Huana, and ripe with ancient secrets/monsters. In recent times, nations and peoples of all types have flocked to the Deadfire Archipelago - mostly due to trading of Luminous Adra, a highly sought after resource in the world.
fun fact: my lore podcast, The World of Eora, was originally going to be called "Luminous Adra"

The White that Wends is Eora's equivalent to Earth's own Antarctica, albeit slightly more liveable since this is where the Glamfellen - or Pale Elves - live. Not much is known about The Land, as the locals call it; as even merely travelling to the region is considered dangerous, with many ships being caught in unexpected ice floes.
The Pale Elves living here a theorized to have migrated there nearly 12,000 years ago, for unknown regions. They mainly worship the god Rymrgand, the god of entropy, and have a nearly incomprehensible language: Ordjhoma.

Harbinger's Watch

Rumoured to be the setting for AVOWED, the Living Lands are located north of the Aedyr Empire. Nearly a continent itself, the Living Lands are a mountainous island, with a highly varietized population. It's biomes and climate are considered chaotic. Travelling over a ridge from one valley to another may yield an entirely new local geography (eg: going from a forested tundra, to a dense jungle, to a barren desert). Only the most renowned of explorers dare traverse this mysterious and dangerous land.
The locals of the area boast that here, in the Living Lands, "anything can grow". Journals of lost explorers tell of carnivorous plants, previously unseen beasts, and mysterious/magical ancient sites.
Kith races: (left to right) Pale Elf, Island Aumaua, Wild Orlan, Boreal Dwarf, Meadow Human

ANCIENT EMPIRES Aside from the contemporary cultures/lands we see in the Pillars games, there are cultures that existed far in Eora's past. One of these cultures we can interact with "now" (in PoE2); one has been erased from history; and the third is a extinct society. They are as follows:
  1. Huana (prior to the loss of their super-city, Ukaizo, the Huana kingdom were one of the three Eoran superpowers)
  2. Engwith (a significant society for both ancient and modern times; currently extinct)
  3. Yezuha (an enigmatic society which apparently still exists beyond Ondra's Mortar - a massive oceanic storm barring further exploration of Eora)


Huana symbol
The Huana still exist today, and can be interacted with in the second Pillars of Eternity game. However, by going through the narrative of the game, you can discover that the Huana nation is not the superpower it once was in the world. With the loss of their pinnacle city, Ukaizo (thanks to interference of the Engwithan empire), they also lost a lot of their power and influence in the world. They are a culture of people nearly entirely comprised of Island Aumaua, and employ a caste system in their societal structure.
Far more numerous than even the Dyrwood, they span a total population of nearly 10 million across the Deadfire Archipelago. They do not have an organized government across their entire island-span; most of the time they are locally governed within their island tribes. However, at Neketaka, the largest city/island in the Huana's portion of the Deadfire, the Kahanga tribe oversees and influences many of the tribes in the Archipelago itself.
The mainly practiced faiths in the Huana culture are:
Galawain, Ngati (ie: Ondra), Amira (Hylea), Rikuhu (Berath)
Exports of the Huana are:
Barkcloth, luminous adra, timber, koīki fruit

Line-up of diferent Huana, likely depicting three different castes within their Society
Huana virutes are:
Honesty, bravery, strength of soul, utility, self-sacrifice
Opposed values are:
Indecisiveness, laziness, selfishness

Engwithan symbols
The Engwithan empire is one of the most important civilizations, narratively, in the Eoran world. They are responsible for:
The creation of the "Engwithan Pantheon" of gods that we see in both Pillars games. The isolation and rundown of Huana's megacity: Ukaizo, and indirectly: the exilation of the Yezuha empire.
They were, as far as the best modern historians can tell, an extremely advanced race. They had mastery of the animantic sciences, and developed a varietized culture of peoples. Their ruined cities can be found dotted all over the Eastern Reach, and are considered holy sites by the local Glanfathan tribes. They mysteriously vanished thousands of years ago, leaving only their empty ruins and artifacts behind.
Engwithan ruins/artifacts

This third "lost" empire is still apparently in existence. Almost nobody is even aware of this empire's existence, and any references to it in history are either gone or not understood by historians. The only knowledge we have comes from a companion in a DLC for the second Pillars game, Rekke (voiced by Sam Riegal of Critical Role). Interactions/dialogue with Rekke reveal what little information we have of Yezuha; which apparently is an civilization as ancient as Engwith and Huana (at it's pinnacle). They still thrive today on the other side of Ondra's Mortar, an impassable set of colossal storms barring exploration of Eora's oceans beyond the Deadfire Archipelago.
Storm Folk (a playable race of humans in the game) are said to originate from Yezuha, and are incredibly rare to come across.
Rekke, storm folk companion

One of Obsidian Entertainment's biggest strengths is exposition, and a lot of that world-building and character narrative comes in the form of culture. Through diving into the unique peoples and cultures Obsidian created for EORA, we can get the essential flavour of the games' world, and values.
Whether you're interested in playing Pillars of Eternity and wanting to understand your character and their surroundings more; hyped to play AVOWED and want to walk into the game more informed of the world and its pieces; or if you're just looking to play a new Tabletop RPG in Eora and want to know characteworld options - this lore post is for each of you.
If the rumours are to be believed: that AVOWED will be played in the Living Lands (one of the "Distant Lands") with a heavy Aedyran influence, then understanding these relevant cultures and their proximities to each other will be helpful in navigating/understanding the game. Who knows what mysteries we will unravel in the game's story!
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Hi guys I just fapped and I feel awful. Over the last couple months I completely lost my drive didn't do any sports and ejaced metrical liquid tons of genetic material. I would love to find an accountability partner to stay on the right path and keep taking the right decisions instead of wetting my sheets. Who's down? Feel free to reach out I would love that. I thought like checking in once a day and track the progress.
About me I'm 25, studying engineering and live in western Europe.
Wish everyone who reads that to stay strong and to achieve and overcome. Good luck boys!
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2021.11.28 20:16 CaptainAntiHeroz What happened in Awaken now makes even less sense (Riven and Yasuo, 2nd Noxian invasion)(Minor Spoilers for RK, Major Spoilers for the Ruination event)

So in Awaken;
We see Jhin vs Camille. Yasuo, Irelia, Karma, Kennen and Akali vs Sion, and Riven vs Draven.
In Ruined King we learn that Yasuo has plans to go to Noxus, saying;
"Yes... There's someone there... who may need my help. A part of my past that still means something."
Prior to that you can find a journal entry stating that Grand General Swain has finally caught the traitor Riven and that she's going to the pits which we know about.
However the Ruination event according to the timeline

The timeline in question
There is a significant gap between the events of the Ruined king, and the Sentinels of shit stopping Viego.
During this time we know the sentinels (for some reason) go to the reckoning pits where they find Draven, who gets taken by his ego into the corruption of the black mist, and imprisons the sentinels leading them to meet Riven who joins them and gets out of the pits with them to save the world.
Now I'm only 50% or so through Ruined king, and it might be explained later what they all do, or that quote that I saw as a spoiler might be the very last thing in the game (I genuinely don't know), but if that is still Yasuo's plan by the end of RK and theres nothing big at the end of RK stopping him (which again, I don't know what happens at the end I'm not there yet so it could all make sense) from going towards Noxus, why is Riven still in there when the sentinels arrive? Where is Yasuo? How does Riven fight Draven in the pits while Noxus is invading Ionia again with Yasuo somehow in Ionia?
Again its very possible that the last half of the game adds in some context, be even still Awaken is sus as it indicated Draven and Riven fought before and neither won (or Riven beat him during Awaken and we don't get to see it), and Ionia gets invaded again which the Ruination timeline makes confusing for a multitude of reasons.
So whats going on here? Is the ruination just that bad that everything it touches makes 1000 times less sense canonically? Is there an explanation I've missed?
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