People that constantly reuse "it looks like weed".. You're not funny

2022.01.22 16:58 TheRoyalDon People that constantly reuse "it looks like weed".. You're not funny

It just comes off excessive and like there's a lack of understanding. Using "it looks like weed" isn't even a proper response half the time.
Someone posts their weed and asks others does it look good, or how would they view the weed, and you'll always get at least one person saying some "it looks like weed", like noooo shit. It's weed. That's what it's supposed to look like. You're still not responding to the question as the quality in the video/picture looks.
The store owner from down the street could say it looks like weed too. Doesn't mean he understands anything about weed or even cares about it. For weed subreddits you'd expect a bit more thorough responses, especially asking people how something legitimately looks (quality questions).
It would be whatever it is was a sometime thing but when people always go around repeating and reusing the same shit over and over again, it gets annoying. Quit stating the obvious; you aren't funny or cool. You just come off like a tool half the time.
And this isn't to anyone on this subreddit, it's just a common thing I've seen happening on every weed subreddit. People go on weed subreddits and act so passive aggressively uninterested, just makes you question why they're even there in the first place. Or why they even choose to respond.
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2022.01.22 16:58 shutyourbrains Forbidden | Nikon FM | 28mm f2 | Ektar 100

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2022.01.22 16:58 Inciters am I?

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2022.01.22 16:58 sanikaaisha Symbiosis_fi

Check out @Symbiosis_fi At Symbiosis, we’re building a multi-chain liquidity protocol. Our know how: a single click solution to swap to any token regardless of the blockchain network (both EVM and non-EVM chains supported). To put it simply, one can think of Symbiosis as a Uniswap-like AMM DEX, where one can swap any tokens and provide liquidity for any token pairs. One aspect is that Uniswap serves just Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens (and recently added Polygon support), whereas Symbiosis works with any blockchain network tokens. If we take a metaphor from the TradFi world, one can imagine swapping between NASDAQ stocks and private property in France, without intermediaries like USD, EUR, etc. Just swapping one asset to another, in a single click.
Stay tuned to learn more and subscribe to our social networks.
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2022.01.22 16:58 Infinite_Pumpkin_458 I ’m nervous about a friend coming over. We haven’t seen each other since Covid started any tips on what to talk about or do with him?

We were close at one point but now we’re just friends. I’m not dying to talk about myself right now if he asks about me then yeah. But I wanna get to know him again and be close as we were a few years ago, I know it’ll take time and he might not want to be as close back then but I wanna try so yeah. He’s really nice and kind and stuff. I just get nervous and shy around him. He did come over before and he’s the only friend I’ve had over.
I think we’re gonna watch some movies too. Or any tips or like any advice will be greatly appreciated 😭 :) he’s 21 and I’m 19.
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2022.01.22 16:58 OldIntroduction6188 I can't- i can't type that name

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2022.01.22 16:58 Hapsap999_123 .

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2022.01.22 16:58 Futz-Around Witch queen is 2/22/22 not 1/22/22

Ya’ll got the month wrong. Come back later so the rest of us can finish up some things. Thanks
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2022.01.22 16:58 Thin_Ad_8606 HELP ME PLEASE

can someone tell me where exactly is the move tutor of the "softboiled" movement in animango city?
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2022.01.22 16:58 Libreario Hola ladrillo!

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2022.01.22 16:58 Acceptable_Yellow_90 Refund ticket question

I don't buy vbucks and i have been waiting since a couple days after Christmas to buy the chicken wing it emote but i did not have enough vbucks to buy it so now that its back i had enough to get but my friend came over and bought dance monkey and a cloudy day so i was able to get my vbucks back for dance monkey but not cloudy day is the is there anyway i can refund it without a refund ticket because i have none and i really wanted the chicken wing it emote. If so please tell me before 7:00 thank you.
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2022.01.22 16:58 DisneyLove91 Pixel watch release date May 26th?

Article here
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2022.01.22 16:58 Eastern-Positive-705 The video mentioned nothing about height

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2022.01.22 16:58 Wh0sJake Sabers

Hey does anyone know if I can get any demon slayer and bleach swords as custom sabers or any other swords for anime that I could play with. I play on quest 1 idk if that means anything. Thanks
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2022.01.22 16:58 PlasticOceanFish Helped out another fellow Redditor.

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2022.01.22 16:58 hiddlesbum Sorry not sorry

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2022.01.22 16:58 zipperLeaks Teen leaks discord server!

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2022.01.22 16:58 Worth-Needleworker36 Rust spots on a 2018 f150 STX SCREW in white. Anyone have this issue? I live in New Hampshire for context but I thought these trucks were aluminum.

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2022.01.22 16:58 MarkyPoker $300 free roll tomorrow! Play at our PLO cash table tonight to qualify! Join The River Donkeys! ✅ New member bonus!! 🎁 Free Rolls 💵 CASH games nightly with ACTION!!!! Plenty of other promos from a fun club with honest and generous hosts. ⭐️ Pokerrrr 2 app ⭐️ Club code #5azr7

$300 free roll tomorrow! Play at our PLO cash table tonight to qualify! Join The River Donkeys! ✅ New member bonus!! 🎁 Free Rolls 💵 CASH games nightly with ACTION!!!! Plenty of other promos from a fun club with honest and generous hosts. ⭐️ Pokerrrr 2 app ⭐️ Club code #5azr7 submitted by MarkyPoker to pokerrrr2 [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 16:58 planet_taz Oof…

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2022.01.22 16:58 onlyfanslinkz Yorgelis Carrillo 🔥

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2022.01.22 16:58 PaulBardes The infamous pair detected @ Oceanário de Lisboa

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2022.01.22 16:58 slappysam Shower Drain Question + Bonus Hackjob on Handle Trim

Hoping you smart people here might be able to help me out with this. I purchased this place a year ago or so and there are a couple weird things in the downstairs shower.

  1. The shower drain cover is not attached at all, so it often moves/falls out of place. Other drain covers I've seen usually have a couple screws to attach, so I am not sure if this is correctly installed or if there is some piece missing? Perhaps the best way is to get a new drain with screws and remove the old one?
  2. I'm not sure exactly what happened here but it seems like someone just did a bad tiling job around the shower handle, and left too much of a gap. I was hoping to find some replacement tile that matched and replace the affected piece(s) however that's proving a bit more difficult than I expected. I also thought I could get an oversized trim piece, but I also haven't had any luck finding one of those that covers the gap. Everything I found was just a bit too small. Wondering if anyone has any ideas/something I'm not thinking of.
Thanks so much for any help!
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2022.01.22 16:58 4reddityo Selma Burke never received credit for her portrait of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, which was later featured on the US dime.

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2022.01.22 16:58 BigSyllabub6232 [POSITIVE] for /u/GorillaX [seller]

Tube of ASEs exactly as described. Thank you
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